Doggy Ditty

The hip way to keep it all together!
The Doggy Ditty is our 100% cotton canvas bag with water-resistant lining and 4 ½ foot leash that doubles as a purse strap.
The Doggy Ditty is attractive, useful and the best part is the way the bag and leash work together!
While you walk your dog on-leash the bag hangs from the D-ring on the leash handle. Off-leash, simply unclip the leash from your dog’s collar, clip it to the Doggy Ditty and wear as a cross-body bag.


Doggy Ditty as leash Doggy Ditty as bag

The Doggy Ditty hooks onto

the leash while walking the dog


Leash and bag turn into

cross-body bag while off leash

The Doggy Ditty is the perfect size for your phone, keys, dog treats and bags.  
You may find you use the ditty even when Fido isn’t with you!

No other bag offers the style and convenience of the Doggy Ditty!

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